Crowd Sourcing App

We are currently engineering a crowd sourcing mobile application that we will be releasing to the Android and Apple Market Place. This application will have a specific purpose but is also being built as a “boiler plate’ type of app that we can re-engineer to fit other similar functions.

We are excited about this project because we are attempting to build this out using A.I. assistance in an effort to measure how far AI has come in the industry of programming. We are working on a series of VLOGs about our experiences with AI assisted programming and the true reality of where it stands today.

A little snippet about our tech stack. We are building this out in the Azure Cloud using React Native with a .Net Core back end service layer and for the time being, a MongoDb Database. We may end up changing our underlying database as we better align to how we build out the technical operational model of how our software works. The beautiful part of our tech stack is that we are using our own internally developed Accelerator Platform which is agnostic of our database so changing from a Document Database to RDBS is only really about data migration and not re-factoring code!