The reason why we created this company and our vision

We are revolutionizing traditional practices in software development and cost reduction strategies for our clients through the implementation of an innovative business model. This approach enables us to streamline operational processes, ensuring equitable compensation for our skilled professionals, while simultaneously offering significantly lower pricing than our peers in the industry.

We are an assembly of experienced technology specialists, each with a remarkable track record of over two decades in the industry. As a remote organization, our primary team is situated within the Columbus, Ohio region.

We are changing how the professional services industry works, we have seen first hand how middle and upper management are at best 20-30% effective in actually managing what matters in a company. We strongly believe that if you change around the roles and responsibilities within an organization, not only can you exponentially reduce the costs for a customer but you can exponentially increase the quality and time to market for virtually any product.

Our incentive structure is engineered to only benefit the customer and the professional who is delivering the service. We are tired of working under ineffective management structures who want to use blanket rules and structure that does not benefit how the real-world operates in this industry.

Why can we do this and still be successful? Well the answer is simple, its the type of work that we perform. When we have projects, we are beholden to our customers and operate in their environments, their rules and work for them until our projects are complete. So why would we want to enforce a parallel set of organizational structures and rules which are always overridden by our customers? Why not empower our employees to manage their own groups and rules which they can be empowered to align to the rails our customers operate within.

Each engagement that we encounter is different, each customer has different rules, regulations and expectations so we built the most adaptable business model to conform and seamlessly integrate with each engagement. The added benefit is that we empower each of our development groups to manage their own rules.

For example, if we have a group who is working with a company that operates 4 days a week, then this group is empowered to institute a 4-day work week. If they need a BA who they know is good, they get to hire them and use them without the parent company running any interference. Our groups are empowered to do whatever it takes to be successful. Our parent structure is put in place to take over all general overhead such as billing, payments, taxes, etc. so that their only focus is delivery, but in the way that they see fit based on their team needs and dynamics.

Our vision is unique and is engineered to get and retain the highest quality professionals while ensuring the lowest cost/highest quality deliverables for our customers!

See what Revolutionizing an industry looks like!