The reality of the professional services industry

We have been in this industry for a long time and have witnessed first hand the greedy money grab from clients who get nothing in return other than a minimalistic attempt to fulfill a contract so that everyone else can have a bigger piece of the pie. This is truly the reality of all major consulting firms; go to any consulting firm’s website and browse through their staff. Who pays for all of these non-billable staff? Who gives their parent company their expected margins? All of this extra bloat and cost comes at the expense of the client who is only looking to get a project completed within a specific time frame and budget.

We have reduced the solution to 3 principles which we have solved for. The operating models, the operating costs and ability to create situational contracts!

Operating Models

Our groups of professionals are the most unique in the industry. We allow our professionals to be professional and do what they do best. We can lead and complete projects independently, we can lead and work execute on projects along side of our client or we can easily integrate into client work streams that they lead.

Operating Costs

We have structured our projects and our business to have significantly reduced operational overhead. This allows us to pay the staff performing the work more and retain higher talent. Our unique operating models are the key for allowing us to significantly reducing our overhead.

Situational Contracts

Not all contracts look alike because not all projects are the same. We build contracts based on the maturity and complexity of the problem being solved. Determining if the contract will be a fixed bid, time and materials or rather a service contract will all be determined by our clients vision, goals and maturity of the scope.

Why we created this company

We have been a part of this inefficient model and been on the front lines for too long, experiencing first hand how poorly managed staff and projects are executed upon. We have seen that because the model described above, that it takes “unicorns” to actually deliver in today’s environment. The solution is rather simple, remove the overhead, remove the additional margins, pay the staff executing on projects what they are worth and execute against realistic/custom contracts for our clients. This is what we set out to do and how we are achieving this goal.

We created this company to prove that when offering a service that acts as an extended arm of our clients, we do not need to have a full blown company structure. Think about it like this, our organizational units are structured and act similarly to how the military operates, each unit is trained to work independently but can be integrated into any military operation at a moments notice. Since we operate the same way, we do not need to have bloated middle management structures because once we are integrated into a client project, we are reporting upwards and are accountable to the client. All of our basic services such as payroll, insurance, benefits, etc. are managed through shared services so-as to keep our overhead a low as possible.

Our individual groups/operational models are often kept together because they are groups of extremely experienced industry professionals who all work well together. We allow them to manage their internal group as if it was their own company because we also believe in self management so they have the freedom to operate in the most efficient and performant manner possible while still delivering them the freedom to manage their work/life balance how they want.

This model allows us to keep the best talent in the industry because we give them the freedom that they want, we do not govern them, we treat them as the professionals that they are. We allow them to create the business rules that match their lifestyles, personalities, circumstances as it aligns to our clients needs. They are here because they understand how to deliver and we are not going to get in the way of this.

We are a delivery company…

We have all heard the stories of how many of Google’s successful projects were not devised from the top of the company, but rather from the employees when give the freedom to work on what they want under Google’s time. The truth is that when you get smart people the this type of freedom, they do amazing things. These are the people that you will be working with, we believe in freedom and are always hiring positive thinking entrepreneurs here. We then give them the freedom to work and manage their environments, from end to end so that they can organize their environments to fit their skill sets and personalities. We are not a management company, we are a delivery company and understand how to do this better than anyone else.

The offerings that we advertise are not a product of a marketing scheme but rather the downstream product of how we have structured our company. For example, situational contracts is really the reality of having independent delivery organizations because no group is alike, no project is alike and no approach is alike so why would we have a specific contracting model. Every single contract we negotiate with our clients is seen as the glue that pieces our clients vision and our delivery groups together, not something that we copy/replace sections of an existing template.

See what Revolutionizing an industry looks like!